Twin Oaks Home Owners Board Meeting
Meeting Agenda

February 21, 2017


Type of Meeting: Board and Committee Meetings

Meeting Facilitator: James Wilber

Invitees: Social Committee, Welcome Group, Finance and Insurance, Architecture

I.     Call to order

II.     Roll call

III.     Open issues from Annual meeting

a)     Reflector strips on Cul-de-sac barrier

b)    Side walk on 178th street

c)     Water Park/Sprinkler Pad

d)    Mail Boxes

e)     Bigger letters for boards

f)     Basketball court

g)    Road repair

h)    Trim Trees

i)      Speeding around park 15 mile per hour sign

j)      Sending letters to home owners and/or banks of delinquent dues

IV.     New business

a)     Review of bylaws and presentation for changes

b)    Social committee calendar and budget and set next meeting.

V.     Adjournment


HOA Notes:

>There will be a Committee/board meeting on February 21, 2017 at 7:00pm at Louie's Grill and Bar . The board will be reviewing suggestions and progress from the HOA meeting in 2016.

Twin Oaks

Edmond, Oklahoma